well…on the 3rd day, aergia…..

30 08 2009

So, since i have found out about the windlight settings, i have made it my mission to figure out how the owner of Atomic gets her pictures to look like that. I LOVE it, i always have and always will. So i have been messing withthe settings of mine trying to figure it out. Well, i was useing this guide to windlight and it talks of being able to use the setting default and not having to change them, well….i did it and now i dont get sunsets (my fav time of the SL day) so i am waitng for the new updates fo rthe emrald viewer to DL and in the process, I edited a few pics 🙂  But, I Have been freebie hunting for 3 days now and pritty much everything you see on her has been a freebie. My DL is at 81% and holding…..never gonna get done lol. Well, ima go plurk for a bit.
                                                               ~*Goddess of Sloth*~




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